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Roanoke 6 is Live!

aero_c a posted May 14, 17

Roanoke 6 is Live!

But first, some caveats:

-It might be really really hard. Some of the changes will be tedious and not friendly. We added "Hardware" items to most recipes, so the start should be really slow-going.
-We will continue to make changes (to the code) as we get a feel for what we've created.
-Give us feedback! We have some "gaming" principles that we'll adhere to, but we're open to reasonable changes.
-I'll make a more detailed post about changes to the code.
-Please tell us if you find exploits or anything that is off-balance or cheaty.

Here's the technicpack link:


You can install the Technic Launcher here:


If for some reason the server.dat doesn't load correctly, the server IP is:

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Bob2351723 a posted Apr 1, 16

Having been unable to find the server which holds my ideal mix of plugins, I have taken on the task of building one for myself. I feel that I have created a good foundation to build upon with the following offering. Some of the gameplay I am looking for requires a server population that enjoys a similar experience. So I invite you, should the following mix of modifications be to your liking, to join me and enjoy the server.

Please visit the provided links and familiarize yourself with the changes to gameplay. Starting on the server will be much harder than vanilla Minecraft. Even with full knowledge of the plugins starting can be difficult.

See you in game,


Minecraft 1.9.2 Spigot server

Server Ip:



“Realistic high landscape” terrain Generation.

More Realistic Ore Distribution -  changes in the ore distribution, find ore at any level, in larger veins, but ore is hard to find.


Should the required texture pack not download you can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5lapgihpdz5rcf0/Survivalplus.zip


Bob2351723 a posted Dec 11, 15

Hello all,

Not much going on. I have started a Regrowth server for fun.



Use the FTB launcher for the pack, its currently ver .86

Extreme world generation---water is still at 64, but the land can be much higher.

World Border set at r1000 at 0,0

Irc comming soon

This pack feels like it fits the stated desires of our old core users, small world, no trees, game objective (not just a sandbox), magic and tech together in a balanced progression.

Feel free to pop in.


Bob2351723 a Extreme world, no border. I pulled a border mod, but as it's just been me, I have not bothered to install. Also, d...
aero_c a Does it have extreme terrain or world border?

Hey Everyone, Aridhol (Josh) here with another update!

Roanoke Hardmode (Also known as Roanoke 5) our Terrafirmacraft Server has been rekindled, and is doing well! Check it out if you enjoy TFC!

Bob's Hardcore Magic-Farm 2 Variant is still online as well, but it may not be for long unless I hear back from some users about whether or not they are still playing (I do not think so!)

We recently started a Vanilla 1.8 server for our users to go and poke around with the new features! There are no specific rules there, just be courteous please with other people's things! If you find any of the cool new features or build anything using new blocks, please post pictures in the thread!

More news! "Wanwa Amar" which is the Lost Colony, in Tolkien Elvish, is a new server based around Magical forces and Good vs Evil, in Middle Earth! The pack has serious potential for tons and tons of fun, I suggest you check it out!

Forthcoming soon(ish) will be a Hardcore Questing Mode pack with a custom Multiplayer Adventure just for our users! This may be a little ways away, we will see how it goes while we work on it!

Thanks everyone, keep donating to keep this thing alive!

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